Electrical part

BS & MC one-phase motors with startcapacitor

MC: With electrolytic start capacitor and centrifugal switch
BS: Same as above plus a run capacitor
Advantages :
MC : high starting torque
BS : high starting torque
         power factor near 1
         more compact and noiseless motor
Use : compressors, pistonpumps, kitchen machines, machine-tools, hoists, a.s.

BC one-phase motors with runcapacitor only

Run capacitor start
Advantages :
         low starting torque
         slow and progressive start
         power factor near 1
Use : machines starting with reduced load, e.g. : centrifugal pumps, fans, mixers, sawingmachines, doors, robots, etc.

Basic diagrams of above motors
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BC & MC connection
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T three-phase motors

connection threephase motor without terminals
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Torque motors

Electrical options, adapted coils

Electronic devices