Check list

Parameters to specify when purchasing a motor
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Electrical part

number of phases (1, 3, 2)
(if 1 phase, should it be a symmetrical motor ?) (more)

tension (Volt)

frequency (Hz)

power (kW or HP) ( 1 HP = 0.736 kW)
(if 1 phase high power, should it be with low start current ?)

speed (r.p.m.)
(if more than 1 speed, specify power for each speed)
(if frequency drive, should motor be adapted for a special frequency ?)
(if frequency drive, should motor be convection cooled or cooled by other device?)

if 1 phase: start torque (Nm or kgcm)(depends on your application)
torque motor ? (max 1.2 Nm)(more)

thermal protection(more)

service (S1, S2, ....) (S1=continuous)

environment (temperature)(more)

Mechanical part

dimensioning ( all parts can be done following plan)

diameter shaft
keyway (standard, flat, special)
special rear end shaft

foot (B3,...)( B3)
or flange (B5,B14,...)( B5)( B14)
(or both)
standard IEC, NEMA, or special
resilient base foot(more)
is the motor vertical or horizontal
if vertical, with rain cover ?

pumpfitment or other accessory(more)

terminal box(more)

brake (specify kind, tension, torque )(more)

gearbox (classic or integrated)(more)


protection class ( IP )

dual housing(more)
stainless steel housing(more)