Electronic prints

Pulse divider circuit - frequency divider, scaler or prescaler.
pulse divider print
Electronic print for dividing pulses of tachometer or other devices. Intended for PLC.
Width 107mm for inserting in standard PCB holders. Supply 8 Volt to 30 Volt.
Two inputs, two outputs. The second one's are used to determine the rotating direction.
Open collector outputs with or without pull-up.
Input device will be fed by 5 volt and should be open collector type. Pull-up is on the circuit.
Standard is dividing by 256.

Second version of the above print:
Changes output level every X pulses, X being set in factory. Second output can be used for direction or as another divided value.
The device can be programmed as a versatile pulse generator, usefull for simulation, then reprogrammed in factory into divider.

Custom designed prints with specialised circuits for motor drive
compact PLC print
Mainly custom designed following specifications
The device on the picture has 4 inputs, 4 outputs, and one 3 level output
Simple alternative to PLC 's
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