non standard voltages or frequencies, special motors for inverters, with forced air cooling

Special voltages or frequencies

The motor can be adapted for voltage.
(lowest current voltage in production at the moment is 8 Volt)
For 110/220 Volt motor see serial/parallel option.
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The motor can be adapted for frequency.
Motors for 60 Hz mains are available.
Also possible are 50/60 Hz motor: they can run on both mains but remeber that nominal speed is set by the mains.
Motor can be optimised for one specific frequency (e.g. in case of frequency generator, variable speed drive, etc.)
Do not forget that if motor goes to slow it could be not well ventilated: problem can be solved with our option "supplementary cooling" (most popular: with small fan motor)
Also consider the torque motor, gearbox with two outputs, any idea can be discussed...
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